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All that sparkles / Holiday collection 2018 – Jo Malone London


All that sparkles’ – Holiday Collection
Jo Malone LONDON /「发光」
Article by EIC Chris Cheng / Beauty Editor Tia S Maddison
Images courtesy of Jo Malone LONDON & Belinda Rolland
Special Thanks JML team & ELC Australia

Jo Malone Xmas Media Event – Jo Malone Store, Woollahra – Thursday 15th November, 2018. Photographer: Belinda Rolland © 2018

It was a misty Thursday morning, quite the perfect setting, when we (Tia and I) made our way over to the Jo Malone Woollahra store, in Paddington. There’s always been something about the smell of rain that takes me back to childhood memories of walking home from school, (where the raindrops hitting the pavements would form little splashes, hundreds of thousands of these little splashes, in fact) that surrounded me was the visual I recalled in my mind’s eye. And not surprisingly, how a subtle whiff of rain takes me back some 21 years or so. However, In the blink of an eye, it was back to the now, the instance where we arrived at the Jo Malone store greeted by some profound sensory stimulation and friendly smiling faces.

Firstly, the thing that hits you upon entering is the sense of calm, the almost zen-like atmosphere where you begin to relax, likened to pressing the pause button on life. This time-capsule experience is cleverly achieved thru the instinctual use of sensory layering, from the curated scents extending from the fragrances, bath & body products to the candles thoughtfully displayed into complimentary yet distinctive collections. The effect invites the client to touch, smell and admire the products, whilst being guided thru the new holiday collection. Details began to emerge to entice and excite the halo fan from within; the iridescent packaging to an irresistible table setting making light work of which products we wanted to covet.

The British established Jo Malone London brand, was founded by Jo Malone in 1983, before it’s acquisition by the Estée Lauder Group in 1999. In the memoir “Jo Malone: My story” – Jo calmly speaks of the humble beginnings in her kitchen, where she gave facials and made bath oils as thank-you gifts for her clients. Her at-home beauty business and handmade products became so popular, when word of her talent spread, she later decided to open her first store in London in 1994.

Quoting the book, we resonated with the phrase coined by Jo – “Image follows the scent”. This line perfectly captures the moments we refer to as Olfactory imagery. This imagery combined with our personal taste and modern technology makes for a familiar feeling. When we were asked to recount a favourite Childhood memory, moment or event. We (Tia and I) knew the secret to the brand’s overwhelming success and cult following, was the ability to recall precious personal moments, all captured into bottles. Combined with the attentive JML staff, help to guide clients thru an olfactory journey.  I savoured the time of walking home from school in the rain with my sister, as that memory was one of my most succinct growing up and the burgeoning of my independence. (Proving I was all grown up to my parents, I was 8 1/2 years old).

The Holidays is a time to celebrate and commemorate with loved ones. Whilst creating new memories. What is your favourite childhood memory? CC


Jo Malone LONDON
110 Queen Street, Woollahra, NSW 2025 , Tel : (02) 93625555. 
For more store listings - kindly visit this link 
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Jo Malone Xmas Media Event – Jo Malone Store, Woollahra – Thursday 15th November, 2018. Photographer: Belinda Rolland © 2018

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