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Breakfast At Tiffany’s’
Article written by Alexia Petsinis /
Images courtesy of Tiffany & Co.
Special Thanks NAC Media group

It was a biting Melbourne morning. Though just a few days shy of Spring, frost sheathed the windows of the city’s most luxurious boutiques, dotted along Collins Street like gems awaiting a polish. One would shine particularly splendidly that morning. As guests arrived at Tiffany & Co. for the salubrious launch of the Paper Flowers Collection, any sensations of frostbite were quickly forgotten. Greeted by a Tiffany Blue New York taxi parked out the front, grins of sheer delight spread from ear to ear. ‘I could spot that blue from a mile away’ mused one fur-clad guest. ‘I know, is there anything more iconic?’ asked another in raptures. Indeed, no matter one’s age, gender, or style inclination, the inimitable charm of ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ (all its trimmings) seemed the absolute stuff of Hollywood dreams.

Images courtesy of Tiffany&Co. / Event photography by Daphne Nguyen.

The frivolity was in full swing by 9am. Latecomers were awed by the boutique’s specially decorated campaign façade, not to mention the chic sight of champagne-swilling, canape nibbling guests who had already gathered in robust clusters including Lara Worthington, Nicole Warne and Yan Yan Chan. One couldn’t help but feel as though they had stepped into a sphere far beyond reality; a realm of elegance and finesse only seen on movie screens of a bygone era. Smiles were brighter, spirits were lifted; such is the Tiffany effect. A sterling silver greenhouse activation was unveiled at the heart of the boutique; glinting proudly as the only one of its kind in Australia. Guests gravitated towards the structure, shuffling with soft feet past hundreds of delicate paper flowers lining its base. Wide-eyed, they marvelled at the displays of rings, bracelets and necklaces from the Paper Flowers Collection housed within.

Paper Flowers celebrates the beauty and strength exemplified by the feminine spirit. Delicate with exuberant silhouettes; the designs are decidedly poetic in their abstract intertwining of petals, forms and materials. Paper Flowers embodies the energy of the modern woman (as personified by the brand’s campaign star, actress Elle Fanning) – radiant and free-spirited – with each piece expressing a truth about the pure beauty distilled in platinum and abstract petals. Key pieces in the collection include a diamond cluster necklace that winks from its perch on the collarbones, a diamond and tanzanite open flower ring that resembles the finest floral lacework when placed against the skin, and, of course, a more than a few regal pair of diamond and tanzanite drop earrings. The inclusion of glowing tanzanite – that glints between brilliant blue and tender violet tones – imbues the Paper Flowers Collection with an aura of feminine triumph that truly rejuvenates the eye and the spirit. The stone’s hue moves the wearer to both harness and celebrate the uniqueness of their existence, from the inside, out.

With the boutique’s staff more than willing to assist guests in their desires to try on a selection of the Paper Flowers treasures, an intimate encounter with these Objects d’Art soon became the highlight of the morning for many. As the merriment and bubbles continued to flow heartily inside, passers-by on the street took a few moments out of their morning commute to simply stop and stare. That iconic Tiffany Blue hue adorned everything from the boutique’s façade, to Tiffany bicycles on the footpath, and street posters celebrating the new collection.

‘I wonder what it would really be like to have breakfast at Tiffany’s…’Many could only dream.


Images courtesy of Tiffany&Co. / Event photography by Daphne Nguyen.


The Tiffany & Co. greenhouse installation will be on display in

the Melbourne boutique until 31st October.

Discover more about the Tiffany & Co. Paper Flowers collection here:




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