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Dior Homme x Mason’s pop-up to unveil Spring/Summer 2018


時尚品牌合集 / Dior Homme pops up in Mason’s Melbourne to unveil Spring/Summer 2018 

Article by Maggie Kelly [Features Editor] , Images courtesy of Dior & Special thanks to NAC Media-Group 


For one week this February, Melbourne is ahead of the world in fashion. It’s not a title we’re used to Australia – many miles and sartorial seasons behind the international fashion capitals- but thanks to Mason’s Melbourne and Dior Homme, we’re finally getting a taste of what it’s like to be ahead of the pack.

From the 1st to the 8th of February this year, Mason’s Melbourne will be the only location outside of Paris to be showcasing the S/S ‘18 range from Dior Homme. From the 9th, it will then be released to the rest of the world (including Dior Homme Chadstone), and will remain on show in the Mason’s store until the 18th of February. At their launch party last week, guests were treated to the Mason’s pop-up installation, modelled after the Spring/Summer 2018 show in Paris. With astro-turf and stadium-style podium displays, the pop-up follows the ‘varsity sport’ aesthetic of the Paris show, among the sleek and polished stylings of the Mason’s store. With fine suiting sitting alongside sneakers and polo shirts, it’s a collection that feels young, sexy and on trend.

Mason’s owner, Marco Siracusa, former menswear buyer and retail manager of Harrolds, says that the youthful stylings of Dior Homme Creative Director, Kris Van Assche really shines through in the current collection. “I love the fact there’s a bit streetwear, it keeps it out there and more people wearing it,” says Siracusa. “There’s lot of men who don’t wear suiting, and the streetwear attracts a younger generation. For me, a brand like this should be worn by a 20 year old guy.”

With street style continuing its infiltration of high fashion, Dior Homme is no exception. Van Assche has taken Dior’s DNA of fine tailoring and blended it with modern, sporty characteristics.Think luxe tracksuit sets, fine knit polo shirts, collegiate-style rosettes, and sculpted black suiting worn not with a dress shoe but brightly coloured sneakers. It’s playful without being irreverent, paying homage to Van Assche’s bold new vision for the 70-year-old fashion house. The first half of the drop is mostly black and white, a palette that Siracusa says is a no-brainer for his local customer: “Melbourne is a black city, always has been. The collection suits the Melbourne person.” Expect classic suiting with dramatic tapering and plenty of the (already sold out) Christian Dior logo’d tape that is a major feature of the season.

“The first chunk of the collection is about the DNA of Dior, which is the black suit and the white shirt,” Van Assche said before the S/S ‘18 show.  “How do I go about it, how do I reinvent it, make it for the future, and deconstruct it? There’s a lot being said about the suit being over, but I’m totally convinced it’s not. It’s just a question of making the right proposals.” The clash of suiting and sporty streetwear is just the right tone for the Melbourne audience, who have long loved the luxe normcore trends. Sneakers, bombers, and backpacks will surely seduce the younger markets, whilst the sleek tailoring will keep the Dior Homme fans coming back for more.

As with most of the Dior Homme collections, the devil is in the details. The silk satin ‘Christian Dior’ taping, for example, has been constructed using a three piece layering technique in order to create a seamless finish. With a mastery of tailoring that is almost imperceivable to the untrained eye, don’t be fooled by Van Assche’s coy sporty stylings – this is Dior’s signature perfectionism right down to the very last stitch. It’s an exciting moment for both Mason’s and Melbourne city, sharing the Dior spotlight for the second time in as many years. In 2017, the National Gallery of Victoria was home to ‘The House Of Dior: Seventy Years Of Haute Couture’ exhibition, a world-first retrospective of Dior haute couture gowns to celebrate their 70th anniversary. Once again, the fashion capital of Australia has partnered with the French fashion house for a world-first pop-up.

“Dior Homme is quite exclusive and quite hard to get – for example, you can’t just fly into Rome and walk into a Dior Homme store. There just isn’t one. There’s actually only seventy Dior Homme stores worldwide,” points out Siracusa“Here in Melbourne, we like exclusive products. We always feel like we are behind in fashion, and we were until 5 years ago. But now, we’re getting it at the same time. With this collection, we’re getting it first.” When asked why he thought Melbourne has become the darling of the Dior fashion house, Siracusa just laughs – “I think it’s just very good luck!”

Looking ahead, and Mason’s has high hopes for more in store pop-ups in 2018. In a world of online shopping – often with cheaper price points – visiting a store has come to represent something more: an experience. From their boutique cocktail and coffee bar, to complimentary alterations, Mason’s is going above and beyond to add an experiential aspect to their offering. “With the whole online shopping experience you need to give the customer something new in store,” says Siracusa. “Pop-ups are popular because it is all about exciting the customer and offering them something they simply cannot get online.” 

Indeed, the Dior Homme Spring Summer 2018 pop-up in Mason’s Melbourne brings the excitement straight from Paris right to our doorstep – an experience you can only get in person. And, for a short time, an experience you won’t find anywhere else in the world.


Visit the installation in store until the 18th of February, 2018.
Mason’s Melbourne – 167 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: (03) 9380 7188


Masons / Melbourne boutique opening


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