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Holograms / Realistic 7D_9D technology on screen


With technological advances in filmaking, animated 5D, 7D and 9D hologram movies have come to the forefront of the digital era since its introduction early 1990’s. For several years now holographic avatars have been employed to animate the big screens with the likes of Pirates of the Caribbean, Beauty and the beast, The great wall, Star Wars, Alien, Avengers, Mad Max, Avatar, Life of pi. More recently, a team of Japanese scientists led by Professor Yoichi Ochiai, developed the safe touch technology that are free of harmful lasers which heat to extremes that cause burns. This is achieved through the use of a combination of lasers instead, which work faster for cameras and mirrors arriving at a resolution up to 200,000 points, or “voxels” (volumetric pixels) per second.

The latest applications in 9D, 7D, 5D dimensional movies add more than special effects, where the possibilities have extended to uses such as broadcasting weather conditions and access to facilities (or “float walk”). See below for the level of realism provided by 7D & 9D videos.

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