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In Conversations / The Stylist feat. Kim Payne x LAB


A maven in the world of fashion


We enjoyed an intimate casual sitting with Fashion Director of Mens Style Magazine,
Avid baker (just ask any of the crew) about cooking up ideas on countless covers & Int. campaigns.
Translating runway trends in a way that only she can &
Offering considered direction for host of leading fashion labels.
Meet – Kim Payne

Words by LAB Gallerie
Photos Courtesy of Kim Payne @ COMPANY 1


10521054_779867715368932_962898291647871765_oPhotography. Steven Chee Fashion Director. Kim Payne for Men’s Style



LAB/ Can you tell us about how you began this journey?
KP/ By sheer accident and helping a friend I never dreamed I could do this I thought you had to have a degree

LAB/ It’s often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What do you think and find is attractive in men?
KP/ Making someone laugh makes men very attractive , sense of humour being able to laugh at yourself but also happy to listen makes a very sexy man.

LAB/ Modern stylist are like our rock stars in mens fashion. What would you say was your defining moment?
KP/ I dont really have one. Fashion keeps moving especially in menswear it feels like men are finally waking to the idea that dressing makes you feel amazing, so
if even one look, I or any stylist puts together inspires someone to buy then wow, we have done a great job.

LAB/ What inspires you?
KP/ Travel , Film , Food , Flowers , my friends and work colleges , my amazing old assistant Dan Thawley he blows me away with pride.


LAB/ If you weren’t stylist, what would you be doing?
KP/ Small Boutique hotel with 6 rooms and a huge rose garden serving the best coffee for breakfast everyday.

LAB/ Your love of cooking for the crew is synonymous- how did that come about?
KP/ I get to work with the best teams ever they are like family and I want them to eat well and smile, thats what makes even better pictures a smiling laughing crew
of people you love.

LAB/ Your favourite colour?
KP/ Hmmmmm maybe camel or pink or orange or the red of my best lipstick or Black !!!!

LAB/ We’re big fan of greys, white, blues and yes black!!!


LAB/ Tell us something we dont know about you?
KP/ Im obsessed with Gardening

LAB/ Word association, I say one word and you say first thing to mind
KP/ Donna Hay 4 layer Choc cake
KP/ Pink
KP/ Strength

LAB/ Where would you say is your ideal escape?
KP/ Country France

LAB/ Playlist, your karaoke anthem?
KP/ OHHHHHH music is a tough one I listen to Smooth Fm thats the kind of nana I am


LAB/ Can you tell us about any future plans or projects in the pipelines?
KP/ Everything I do on Mens Style is a new plan on how I can push the envelope to surprise the reader.

LAB/International or local Labels to watch?
KP/ Always in love with Dries , Margaret Howell , JW Anderson , Art comes first , Kitsune , Carven , Christopher Esber, Gibson Menswear & LAB Homme .

LAB/ Your key wardrobe pieces- must have to make a man dress well?
KP/ a good (hair) cut, Great investment watch, Well polished shoes, 2 well fitted suits 1 navy 1 grey, 3 white shirts all different, 1 great pair of jeans, 1 pair of good Trainers, A cologne that is just barely there & Good Manners

KP xx


LAB A4 #6 Green issue Exclusive // The stylist feat. KIM PAYNE /  http://company1.com.au/artists/kim-payne



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