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La Mer Wave Walk / In partnership with Project O


Images courtesy of La Mer, Project O, ELC
Gabrielle Sauve [Features Director] 

Benefit auction from May 20th – June 23rd, 2017

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Images cortesy of Ben Thouard x Project 0 

Chuck Close, Julian Schnabel, Cara Delevingne, Bruce Weber, Sienna Miller, Vivienne Westwood and more join unprecedented philanthropic public art trail. La Mer and Project 0 partner to take over New York City with 50 Wave Sculptures Spanning Across all Boroughs, Timed to Coincide with the United Nations World Oceans Day on June 8

On the 20th May, 2017, Project 0 announced that it has partnered with global prestige skincare brand La Mer on the La Mer Wave Walk to raise awareness and funding for ocean conservation projects around the world. A journey that celebrates the ocean, art and New York City, Project 0 brought together 50 of the world’s most influential artists and culture-makers, including Chuck Close, Julian Schnabel, Cara Delevingne, Bruce Weber, Sienna Miller and Vivienne Westwood. The La Mer Wave Walk will raise funding to help support Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). Project 0 Board member, Actor Jimmy Jagger added, “Besides its incredible beauty, the ocean gives us food, air to breathe, and supports all life on Earth. Project 0 is raising awareness and funds and working with ocean conservation organizations around the world to finish the job while there is still time left. We are so pleased that La Mer have come on board as our main sponsor in this important effort to raise substantial awareness and funding for the ocean.”

The La Mer Wave Walk installations will be unveiled at iconic New York City locations. Free and open to the public May 20 – June 21, the La Mer Wave Walk aims to connect the public with the ocean to understand the need to protect the “Blue Heart” of our planet.
Each wave will be available for purchase online via Paddle8 May 20 – June 23, culminating with a live auction at Sotheby’s on June 21. One hundred percent of net proceeds from the auction will benefit the La Mer Blue Heart Oceans Fund for Project 0 to help support restoring and protecting MPAs around the world. “We are thrilled to launch the La Mer Blue Heart Oceans Fund and are honored to join Project 0 and a change-making community of explorers, advocates and hands-on conservationists that are making a difference around the world to help protect our oceans for future generations to come,” says Sandra Main, Global Brand President, La Mer. “

The ocean is in crisis. It makes up 70 percent of our planet yet less than 4 percent is under protection. Our goal at Project 0 is to have 30 percent of the ocean under protection by 2030. We’re so grateful for La Mer’s support and passion in helping restore and protect the ocean” said Project 0 Board Member Tyrone Wood. La Mer and Project 0’s philanthropic efforts are focused on Marine Protected Areas, including:

1/ The Azores, a part of Portugal, are islands in the Atlantic that are home to diverse fauna and serves as a migratory route for a number of marine animals. This marine biodiversity hot spot needs protection from overfishing and undersea mining. Project 0 and La Mer Blue Heart Oceans Fund’s grant will help to create this chain of marine protected areas in the Azores.
2/ Many of the world’s fisheries are overexploited or depleted. For those who rely on fishing for their income and to people who rely on fish as a source of food, this is an ecological disaster. Project 0 and La Mer Blue Heart Oceans Fund’s grant will fund urgently needed scientific research in the East China Sea so that a plan can be made to support the sustainability of these important waters.
3/ Mangroves are resilient trees that root in the mud below shallow waters, providing shelter from predators for young reef fish species. Mangroves play a key role in mitigating climate change, sequestering up to 50 times more carbon than other ecosystems. They also dissipate the force of tropical storms and reduce damage to coastal communities. Project 0 and the La Mer Blue Heart Oceans Fund’s grant will help protect and restore mangroves in the Caribbean.

For more information about locations and how to get involved, please visit http://www.cremedelamer.com.au/nyc-wave-walk

“Every year, our La Mer team members around the world take to the shores and beaches of their local communities to beautify and inspire others to do the same. We are grateful every day for the gifts of the living ocean.”
Sandra Main,
La Mer Global Brand President

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Partnering with La Mer, Project 0 brought together over 50 of the world’s most influential artists and culture makers to create unique works of art. Project 0 is a global network of some of the world’s most connected influencers who give a voice to the ocean to raise funds and awareness to put 30% of the ocean under protection by 2030, restore coral reefs and mangroves, and clean up the ocean. One hundred percent of net proceeds from the auction will fund marine protected areas in the Azores, Caribbean and East China Sea.

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