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LAB A4 Online / 黃金女郎 Golden Girl_Georgia by Chris Mohen



Georgia wears Jumpsuit by Huffer, Neckpiece by Esther boutique.


Georgia wears Lace top by Esther boutique, Denim shorts & jacket by Guess Jeans. Beauty Note, On the skin, Bronzer and Highlighter duo by Tom Ford.


Georgia wears Scarf & bandeau mini dress models own.


It was a beautiful Spring day when we caught up with in demand, Golden girl, Georgia Gibbs. Fresh from her casting with the venerable team at Sports Illustrated and a day before she was due to fly out to London on assignment. We spent the afternoon beachside in North Bondi, where this natural beauty felt most at ease, outdoors and surrounded by nature.

LAB/ Your innate sense of self awareness, Where does that sensibility come from?
GG/ I think it comes down to your work ethic and being focused on fulfilling your dreams. I was brought up in very humble beginnings around the beaches of WA where it’s easy to find peace and be free in your own skin.

LAB/ Tell us about growing up in W.A. What was it like?
GG/ I grew up by the ocean, horse riding, dancing, As a child I wanted to be a ballerina but in my teens leaned towards working in the health sector. I was dancing four nights a week which incidentally caused me to fall into modelling through a friend of my dance teacher.

LAB/ Can you tell us more about your earlier days in modelling and your most memorable moment to date?
GG/ Modelling was always a side thought to being a physio/occupational therapist, Which only really became a serious idea when my friend put me up for Australia’s Next Top Model a few years ago. This gave me a glimpse into the industry and I enjoyed it so much I’m simply following my heart.

LAB/ What would you say is your dream job?
GG/ Let’s be honest it’s every girl’s dream job to be in SI [Sports Illustrated] and VS Angel [Victoria Secret angel]!

At this moment -We smiled. .

LAB/ What inspires you and who would you say has been your biggest influencer?
GG/ I would have to say mum is my biggest influence, I can confidently say she’s never been wrong about anything! I’ve also always been inspired by Emma Watson, go the girl boss.

LAB/ What is your krytonite, A weakness for?
GG/ Red wine & Dark choccy!

LAB/ Can you tell us about your favourite way to wind down? What brings you happiness?
GG/ I would have to say cuddles with my pup and being in the outdoors. My ultimate happiness is being with my loved ones by the beach.

LAB/ We’re believers that beauty comes from within and being the best version of yourself, What are some life motto’s and beauty secrets you can share?
GG/ My biggest beauty trick would have to be all things glowy. Drink water, Apply highlighter, A dewy BB cream and my favourite gloss.

My favourite Motto is a quote from – Audrey Hepburn [one of my muses]
“For beautiful eyes; look for the good in others, for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge you are never walking alone.”

Beautiful motto to live by – And more smiles. .

LAB/ Going back to your self awareness, Can you give us any tips or thoughts on achieving your goals?
GG/ I have always thought, the most important thing is to have a clear perception of yourself and the world around you. Appreciation is the key to my self awareness, appreciating the bad times for teaching you to learn about hurt and appreciating the love you receive from others as well as appreciating yourself! My biggest goal is to never stop learning or challenging myself.
Lots of love,
G xo




Georgia wears Mini dress by Huffer, Bracelet by Esther boutique, Scarf stylists own. Beauty Note, On the skin, Bronzer and Highlighter duo by Tom Ford.


Photography/ Chris Mohen
Styling & Interview/ Chris Cheng
Model/ Georgia Gibbs @ Scoop Management
Special thanks Leea & Tailormaid PR



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