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LAB HOMME | AH12 | ” Kendomalia ” Collection



Kendo – The traditional sport of Japanese fencing formed in the late 18th Century with its refined costumes and disciplined movements inspired LAB HOMME “ Kendomalia ” 2012.01’ Collection. Drawing on signature house codes of Classical-ism, seen thru a modernist point of view. The result is a Romantic approach to the principles of Kendo which means “Way of The Sword”, derived from Samurai sword-fighting known as Kenjustsu. Elements of :- Defense and Offense where gentle layering lends itself to become armour-like barriers, while luxurious fabrics create a cocooning effect to resemble ones mindset & thoughts is seen thruout the Collection. One phrase that sums up the Collection is “There is no sword outside the mind”, expressing a reflective thought process that is Zen/ Buddhism like and true to it being an intellectually challenging sport.

LAB HOMME house codes are translated by drawing on the essence of restrained designs while working within the bounds of European Tailoring with a Japanese sensibility – The Collection evokes of a quiet confidence from within and aims to explores two facets of every piece, strong yet subtle, classic yet modern, different yet familar. We hope that you like what we have presented. For Press and Sales re-see appointment. E: info@labgallerie.com or visit us www.labhomme.com for more details.


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