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LABGallerie #12 / Mania 痴迷 Coverstory by Emily Abay


LAB Gallerie
Coverstory exclusive

Cover Photography: Emily Abay
Fashion Director: Michael Azzollini @ DLM
Hair & Makeup: Mikele Simone @ DLM
Video/Editor: Chris Cheng
Photography Assistants: Edward Tan
Photography/Video Assitant: Lucy Alcorn
Editorial Assistant: Natalie Carniato
Models: Renee B & Remy Faint @ Priscillas

模特儿穿着 / Emporio Armani // [L] Remy wears Burgundy track suit by Emporio Armani. Scarf by Emporio Armani worn under hat. Hat by Fallen broken street // Miu Miu [R] Renee wears Floral dress by Miu Miu, pumps by Prada.
模特儿穿着 / Miu Miu // [L] Renee wears Blue cheer floral dress with silk ties by Miu Miu, High Boots by Emporio Armani. // Prada [R] Remy wears Double breast Suit jacket, Pants, and Shoes by Prada, Gloves by Emporio Armani
模特儿穿着 / Prada // [L] Renee wears White shirt and skirt with Flower print by Prada, Pumps by Miu Miu. // Emporio Armani [R] Remy wears Dinner jacket by Emporio Armani, Sunglasses by Giorgio Armani, Hat by Fallen Broken street
模特儿穿着 / Armani beauty // Renee wears La Roche-posay thermal water on skin Luminous Silk Foundation, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Hydrating Primer, Giorgio Armani Lip Maestros. // Emporio Armani [R] Remy wears Check blazer by Emporio Armani.
模特儿穿着 / Emporio Armani // [L] Renee wears Beaded red dress and High boots by Emporio Armani. // Emporio Armani [R] Remy wears Tracksuit and scarf by Emporio Armani. Hat by Fallen Broken street.
模特儿穿着 / Emporio Armani // [L] Remy wears Double breast jacket by Emporio Armani,
Signature Sunglasses by Giorgio Armani, Diamaster Open heart timepiece by Rado. // Emporio Armani [R] Renee wears beaded dress by Emporio Armani.

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