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LABGallerie #13 / Rain On Me 雨 by Christian Blanchard


Photography: Christian Blanchard
Fashion Director: Michael Azzollini @DLM
Makeup: Heidi Scarlett King
Hair: Jayde Turner Ledwidge
Models: Valeria @ Priscillas Models

LAB Gallerie Exclusive

模特儿穿着 / Bassike Dress with belt
模特儿穿着 / [L] Giorgio Armani sequin dress // [R] Matin Short sleeve dress
模特儿穿着 / Jacinta James long sleeve dress
模特儿穿着 / [L] Auteur Silk dress , Emporio Armani boots // [R] Albus Lumen wool silk dress
模特儿穿着 / Zimmerman Tuxedo jumpsuit

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