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La Mer Beauty Room at David Jones, Elizabeth Street Store, Sydney – 2020

Hidden like a rare pearl underneath the hustle and bustle of Sydney’s CBD, the La Mer Beauty Room is a secret oasis, a space of calm and serenity for the lovers of luxury beauty. The antithesis to the chaos of 2020, La Mer’s brand ethos of hope, healing, and deep respect for the power of living by the sea resonates deeply with the search for calm within all of us in these unprecedented times. My journey begins at the David Jones La Mer Counter where I meet with my Aesthetician, Silvia who welcomes me in with the calmest of tones as she ushers me to La Mer vanity table, adorned with a tonal selection of the brand’s signature foundations lined up beautifully along the counter. She introduces me to the brand that, actually, needs no introduction.

Pioneered by Dr. Max Huber who suffered burns in a lab accident and was inspired to create his own destiny by unlocking the legendary healing powers of the sea he held so dear. We chat about my skin concerns and my expectations for the treatment. She carefully cleans and sterilises a selection of tools to help me pick out the perfect foundation match for my skin. I choose the Soft Fluid Long Wear Liquid foundation for my combination skin. We colour match with a selection of swatches along my jawline. The carefully curated luxury permeates even the names of the foundations as I choose from Crème, Shell and Alabaster to find the right tonal shade to enhance my complexion. A cult favourite product that blends healing hydration and luminous colour, the three shades adjust to my skin and it’s hard to differentiate where they end and my skin begins. Silvia recommends Alabaster for me as it’s closest in tone and we proceed to move to the Beauty Room itself.

Tucked away underneath an almost secret staircase, entering the room magically transports me to another world. With travel long rescheduled on my agenda, entering this hideaway instantly reminds me of the rich heritage of the brand and the notable beauty rooms of Paris and Hong Kong. In our digitally focused world, the physical presence of the room brings the brand experience to life with a soothing colour palette of warm champagne hues and decadent bronze tones. The intimacy of the space is perfectly calming; I change into my robe, preparing to leave my old self behind. Silvia shows me a selection of the products we will use in the treatment, my key focuses being on hydration and brightening. Each treatment is one of a kind experience, expertly tailored to the needs of different skin concerns. I’ve had a particularly long and stressful week at work so I also opt for the Eye Concentrate to help minimise my dark under-eye circles. We chat about La Mer’s moisturising options, the eponymous cream is available in five different textures ranging from the Ultra-rich Crème de la Mer with its luscious, dewy finish to the Moisturising Matte Lotion, perfect for warmer climates and oiler complexions. This luxuriously rich cream immerses skin in deep, soothing moisture, helping heal dryness whilst visibly softening lines and wrinkles. I choose the Moisturising GelmCream which sits somewhere in the middle of the grade and Silvia recommends that I optimise the consistency as my skin changes throughout the year for the perfect fit to my varying lifestyle. As I slip under the heavenly covers of the treatment bed, soft melodic waves, a signature La Mer sound, slowly start pulsating in the background. Silvia begins the ritual with a light misting of the Tonic to prep my skin before a cleanse and exfoliation with the Replenishing Oil Exfoliator, followed by a decadent hot towel wrap. My skin is now ready to absorb La Mer’s unique Miracle Broth, the special ingredient in a variety of the topical applications. Created through 6,000 experiments and twelve years of searching to craft a fermentation process that transformed sea kelp and other pure ingredients to deliver a cell renewing elixir at the core of La Mer’s products.

Silvia continues with the Treatment Lotion and the Renewal Oil, a personal favourite of mine that feels incredibly hydrating yet lightweight. Silvia massages this in with an exquisite French massage, which helps with absorption and to stimulate my skin. While the oil slowly sinks into my pores, the Lifting Eye Serum and Eye Concentrate are applied and massaged in with feather light circular motions using miniature cooling massage tools around the delicate area. Next, we move onto the brightening steps of the ritual, the Brilliance Brightening Mask which is applied to my face and décolletage, and while it works its magic on my complexion Silvia moves on to a rejuvenating hand and arm massage that releases the tension of typing fingers that have been busy scheduling one too many Zoom meetings. The finishing touches incorporate the Revitalising Hydrating Serum and Moisturising Gel Cream that I picked before we began the treatment. The end of the ritual is signaled by a reawakening sound bath of tuning forks to stimulate the senses and decentre the body. The treatment takes approximately an hour but at this point in I feel like I’ve transcended time. As I get ready to remerge into the real world, I feel an incredible sense of calm and renewed wellbeing as if I have just come back from an indulgent holiday on the Côte D’Azur having spent long, languid days dipping in the sea. I sashay my way over to the vanity table set up inside the room, which is equipped with mineral water, a selection of La Mer cosmetics, and a luxurious chocolate treat, I notice how radiant my skin looks. I ponder a few minutes before I brave a make-up free selfie which surprisingly only takes a small handful of camera clicks as my skin feels flawless and there is no need to agonise over lighting and angles, it’s almost too easy. The treatment can be finished with an application of Skin colour de La Mer but I only opt for a touch of the Lip Volumiser as my fine lines feel non-existent and I have beautiful glossy skin with a hint of rosy flush from the stimulating massage. An actual dream, oh to wake up feeling like this every morning.

This year, La Mer will support The Estee Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Campaign in their mission to create a breast cancer-free world by donating 50% of the purchase price of every Crème de la Mer The Moisturizing Cream 30ml, to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), with a maximum donation of $14,000 from 10/1/20 – 10/31/20. La Mer’s tailored beauty treatments are available Tuesday through Saturday inside the David Jones Elizabeth Street with reservations made through 133 357 or cremedelamer.com.au/stores. The facial is redeemable on two ‘core’ product purchases from the moisture, serum and eye categories.

Anya Stoliar, Market Editor.

La Mer Beauty Room at David Jones, Elizabeth Street Store, Sydney – 2020
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