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LesBeaux Gosses / New York Fashion Week // LAB A4Exclusive
Ph. by HóRACIO HAMLéT Photography, Styl. by Showin Bishop, MUA by Ewan Walker Beauty, Hair by Fran Freeman, Project Assist. Joseph Bleu.

Starring by Order of appearance //

Guerrino – New York Models
Edward Wilding – New York Models
John Todd – New York Models
Justin Sterling – New York Models
Minkah Davidson – Soul Artists 
Matthew Bell – New York Models
Leebo Freeman – Adam Models
Taylor Terry – Request Models
Jacob Scott – New York Models
Shane Gambill – Adam Models
Ty Ogunkoya – New York Models
Filip – Soul Artists
Ricky Owens – Soul Artists
Andy Walters – New York Models
Miles Langford – New York Models
Pedro Aboud – Soul Artists
Danny Oliver – Adam Models
Henry Watkins – Soul Artists
Ashton Gohil – Request Models
Kevin Johnson – Soul Artists
Waldemar – Adam Models
Keith Van Nelson – Adam Models
Gabriel Martins – Adam Models
Kelly Loysius – New York Models
Taejahn Taylor – Request Models
Luca Schmitz – New York Models
Santiago – New York Models 
Kortney William – Marilyn Paris

SPECIAL Thank You to //

Christophe Sanchez-Vahle 
New York Model Management

Kevin Holloman 
ADAM Models

Sarah Hamilton Baily 
Soul Artist Management

Samuel Zakuto 
RE:Quest Model Management

Location Thanks to Shawn Ulibarri

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