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Mariano Vivanco: Personal Project for Models.com


Mariano Vivanco for Models.com
The body beautiful is on full display in this exclusive preview of Mariano Vivanco‘s limited edition eponymous book, a personal series of photographs that features several of fashion’s most spectacular physiques. With a forward by Nicola Formichetti and alluring images of Anne Vyalitsyna, Melodie Monrose Chiharu Okunugi, Sara Sampaio, Andrej Pejic, Caio Cesar and Garrett Neff, Kevin and Joel Baker, Bo, the collection provides a modern take on the classical nude. Vivanco captures physical perfection in striking sepia tones and makes the most of his beautiful young cast, experience the story and exclusive video only in MDX. All photos courtesy of Mariano Vivanco forModels.com

Mariano’s nudes have a distinct aura that is very rare. The viewer shares an intimate moment with the photographs. His subjects appear strong but not victimized, confident within their vulnerability. This set of images radiate a glow, light coating each body like a bronzed, golden or copper statue. We first worked together in the year 2000 and since then our working relationship has flourished. For over a decade we have done some memorable fashion shoots. In the search for honesty in his images, he has the ability to strip a person down to his or her essence, allowing the sitter to speak and to flourish, dressed or undressed. This speaks volumes to his talent as a photographer. I often refer to Mariano’s work as timeless, like a renaissance painting, a classic movie or sometimes a chaotic opera! As I stand next to him while he creates, I perhaps know how he works to realize his images; he fuels them with his life and with his soul.
Nicola Formichetti

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