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MCA / Tatsuo Miyajima x Museum of Contemporary Arts


Article written by Kyle Johnson / with Images courtesy of Thi Nguyen
Gabrielle Sauve [Features Director]  

Museum of Contemporary Arts Sydney 當代藝術博物館 
3rd November, 2016 – 5th March, 2017 Open daily, 10am-5pm / Admission fee applies.


As one of Japan’s foremost contemporary masters, the former painter and performance artist famous for his LED counters that never reach zero makes headlines as his riveting and technologically-driven sculptures and installations hit the gallery floor of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) in one of Sydney’s most exclusive exhibits.

Throughout his work, which largely came to light in the early 80s, his obsession with the idea of movement grew into the core concepts of “Keep Changing, Connect with Everything and Continue Forever.” Finding that objects were perpetually transforming and not in a solid state, his interest in light and movement grew drawing a cunning connection between his former life in performance and his current one. With his work set as a metaphor for human beings and their interconnected system of relationships, as always, his compositions pay homage to Buddhist philosophy outlining the simple relationships between things in nature insisting that, “art is about questions and religion is about answers.”


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