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The Skincare Specialists / 美容品
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The non invasive skincare market has been at the forefront of beauty trends for many ayears. While injections and fillers have become the norm for many beauty goers, synonomous with a youthful appearance. The search for treatments that extends beyond the surface into a molecular level, that mimics our skin’s very own rejuvenation process without the need for injections, leads us to one such brand, Medik8 who have been pioneering bio-technologies since 2009. Combined with the team’s 40+ years experience in skincare research and product formulation, proved why this newcomer has become an Australian cult brand amongst those in the know.

Accordingly, the technology used in Medik8 products from design, manufacture and even the presentation revolves around scientific roots. The specialist brand quietly making waves on our shores, and abroad, has attracted many industry professionals including Lisa Eldridge and Alexandra Raymond who highly recommended – Medik8 products.

“We are always learning, and constantly seeking to improve our products. There are literally thousands of active ingredients in which are available for formulators to choose from. However, we prefer to research the literature and find single ingredients with good data, and start to build up a product from there” explains Elliot Isaacs [Physiologist & Medik8 Founder].

Clockwise:- Pore refining scrub $59 [75ml], Pore Refining Clay mask $59 [75ml], Hydr8 day 360 $119 [50ml], White balance brightening night cream, White balance brightening day cream $129 [2 x 30ml], White balance click brightening serum $123 [2 x 10ml], Retinol 1 TR vitamin A renewal cream $75 [50ml].

As technology advancements occur, an update to the term, coined in the late 80’s “cosmeceuticals” to bio-ceuticals, some twenty years on seems more fitting. The current spotlight on brands that infuse medical research with hi-tech, non conventional delivery systems becoming the latest buzz. IBISWorld reports Industry growth in plastic surgery for 2016-17, period is expected to reach $1.1 billion dollars. As that surgical tide grows, so too is the opposing tide of those opting for a less drastic, non surgical, more theraputic based measures. Witness brands like Skinceuticals, La Roche-Posay, Dermologica and many more all sharing the ethos of medical research.
The ASPS 2017 reports, [5] Liposuction, [4] Tummy tucks, [3] face lift, [2] eyelid surgery and [1] breast augmentations [tho recently breast surgeries have indicated signs of decline] as the top five most commonly requested surgical procedures. With Botox (and for the gents- Brotox) topping the list for non surgical procedures, followed by hyaluronic acid / lip injections, hair removal, chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

Five different skin solutions offered by Medik8, include: –
1/ Skin-Aging
2/ Pigmentation
3/ Blemish
4/ Dryness
5/ Redness.

Skin-Aging: With a series of day and night products available for visibly younger looking skin. A Combination approach is recommended for best results to protect and prevent and stimulate.
Pigmentation: For visibly brighter looking skin. Targeting all types of pigmentation concerns.
Blemish: The Beta range is formulated using the highest concentrations available for medical grade skincare to help purify and control blemishes.
Dryness: To combat dryness and provide intense, instant and long lasting hydration.
Redness: This line used in conjunction to soothe, correct, protect and hydrate sensitive prone skin with redness.

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