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On the radar / Mesoestetic treatment at the Skin Rescue centre

Words by Beauty Editor, Tia S Maddison
Salon images courtesy of Lifestyle Director, Carla Torrance
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Situated in the idyllic surrounds of Double bay, New South Wales is a beauty clinic dedicated to the latest technologies and advances that promote healthier, younger-looking skin and appearances. Specializing in treatments that are designed to suit our busy lifestyles; for people who want result-oriented solutions without the down time. Meet the Skin Rescue centre;-

I was looking forward to my Mesoestetic Facial as I had heard such positive feedback about the clinic and my skin was in need of a good deep clean and some rejuvenation. Upon my arrival, I was greeted by Andrea, my dedicated skin therapist, who had me fill out a client form which outlined what my current skin/beauty regime was before leading me to the treatment room. The mood was relaxing, clean with ambient lighting. Andrea explained each step including which part would make my skin tingle. We started with a good cleanse with Hydra Milk cleanser & Hydratonic, facial gel cleanser which felt cool and refreshing on the skin. I could feel the product penetrating my pores, giving my skin a good clean.

She then performed a skin consultation – I had congestion around the jawline plus some build up from my lifestyle, work and general poor upkeep of my skincare day and night routine. It was clear my skin was dull and lacked nutrition. Andrea then applied an ampoule of Vitamin E and F treatment on the face neck & décolleté. This tingled but only slightly / the tingling sensation passed quickly. Before she applied an Energy C crystal fibremask, which was left on for 20 mins, this felt cooling to the touch and refreshing on the skin almost calming it down.

Lastly a hydrating moisturizer with sun protection, a serum and eye cream and the facial came to an end. As I left I did feel like I had a lot of product left on my skin, like layered but my skin looked clean, fresh and healthy. A week after the treatment, I did notice some flakiness around my nose and lips but once this settled – I did notice how amazingly plump and rejuvenated my skin felt. I was overjoyed with the results and noticed a visible difference in skin texture and complexion. Also receiving many compliments on how smooth my skin was. I would recommend this facial to anyone who has a dehydrated completion and needs to bring some life to your skin. It restores vitality and elasticity to the face and reverses a dull look. Resulting in a smooth uplifted appearance and sense of deep cleansing, where I’m looking forward to continuing my Mesoestetic followup products to the Facial.

A brief outline of the treatment procedure:

  1. Cleansed and toned the face, neck and décolleté with Hydra milk cleanser and Hydratonic. Double cleansed with Facial gel cleanser.
  2. Performed a skin consultation.
  3. Applied the content of a 10% glycolic acid ampoule & Vitamins E and F onto the face, neckline & neck. Did not remove ampoule.
  4. Prepared the massage mixture by emulsifying the facial massage cream with the Energy C serum. Performed massage to face, neck & décolleté.
  5. Applied the Energy C crystal fibre mask and left on for 20 minutes.
  6. Removed the crystal fibre mask and massaged in remaining product, until completely absorbed into the skin.
  7. Applied appropriate serums, eye cream and moisturiser to the skin.

Following my treatment and from assessing the skin concerns, the following homecare products were recommended:

Hydra milk– A gentle cleanser to remove make-up and impurities.
Facial gel cleanser– A treatment cleanser containing Lactic acid, to aid cell turnover.
Energy C complex– A 4 week antioxidant, moisturising & tightening intensive treatment. 10% Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), Osilift (tightening and lifting effect) and Vitamin E.
Eye contour– An eye cream designed to counteract the appearance of fine lines around the eye area.
Energy C Intensive Cream– A brightening moisturiser with a high Vitamin C concentration.
Post-peel 1% Retinol concentrate– A vitamin A serum to be used at night only. ( Vitamin A aids in the production of collagen, but also has a skin renewing action to aid with breakouts/congestion).
Hydrating moisturiser with sun protection– Sun protection for the day with moisturising and anti-oxidant properties.

Skin Rescue Centre
412 New South Head Rd, Double Bay NSW 2028
+61 (02) 9327 1400



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