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Portraits of Women Morphed Together with Birds 

These wonderfully peaceful images naturally blend feminine forms with the elegant wings of various birds. Created by London-based artist Amy Judd, each oil-on-canvas painting features faceless women set against strikingly simple backgrounds. The anonymous subjects are created with soft brushstrokes and pastel color palettes, and their faces are consumed by the large, feathery forms. Using strong light and dramatic compositions, Judd produces a variety of captivating paintings that are inspired by mythology.

In the surreal, seductive scenes, the artist creates a situation where it is difficult to distinguish between female and feathered creature. She invites her viewers to create our own imaginative narratives about the relationship between the two subjects. She says, “The sensitive brushwork on the figure’s flesh complements the delicate pattern of the feathers, however the compositions are bold and strong, and the figures are not frail or delicate; the feathers allude to strength, flight and bravery, rather than fragility.” For more information on Amy Judd’s work contact Hicks Gallery

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