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Prada Fall Winter 2016 / Campaign by Steven Meisel


Prada FW16 Womens Adv Camp_01

Prada unveils its seasonal campaign for the Fall/Winter 2016 Womenswear collection by Steven Meisel featuring twenty-seven top models set against multiple artificial backgrounds. The campaign introduces Miuccia Prada’s highly regarded collection that takes as its subject the current cultural bricolage where every code, every style, every fragment in fashion history, and every personal experience, is equally present and available to the designer. The ensembles juxtapose radically divergent shards of silhouette, materiality, technique, and accessories in exuberant compositions: prints, argyles, lames, quilting, heavy knits, brocade, nylon, illustration, leather, satin, velvet, all have their place.

Prada FW16 Womens Adv Camp_04Prada FW16 Womens Adv Camp_07Prada FW16 Womens Adv Camp_06Prada FW16 Womens Adv Camp_08

By generalizing the message over twenty-seven different models – there is no single face – Prada enacts her theory of individualization. Each body reorders the elements of the collection in a singular way. The models are placed against randomized backgrounds that suggest a radical insouciance. The settings are interchangeable, indicated by the placelessness of landscapes. The scenery ends abruptly, the edges clearly exposed: day and night collide; desert and seascape occupy the same conceptual space. As the woman roams through the world she carries her stories on her back. In the end, place is unimportant, the narrative only coheres on the body itself. The woman is the site.

Prada FW16 Womens Adv Camp_02Prada FW16 Womens Adv Camp_03


Designer Miuccia Prada
Photographer Steven Meisel
Fashion Editor/Stylist Olivier Rizzo
Hair Stylist Guido Palau
Makeup Artist Pat McGrath
Casting Director Ashley Brokaw

Casting (in alphabetical order): Roos Abels, Noemie Abigail, Vanessa Axente, Lexi Boling, Freja Beha Erichsen, Vittoria Ceretti, Yoon Young Bae, Sara Dijkink, Danielle Ellsworth, Angelica Erthal, Paulina Frankowska, Amanda Googe, Caitie Greene, Ondria Hardin, Milla Jovovich, Lorena Maraschi, Amanda Murphy, Londone Myers, Julia Nobis, Marina Perez, Sasha Pivovarova, Fei Fei Sun, Stella Tennant, Rianne Van Rompaey, Natalie Westling, Kiki Willems, Raquel Zimmermann.

The campaign video is available on www.prada.com


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