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The Cal™ 2017 / Pirelli Calendar by the iconic Peter Lindbergh


Very few calendars have been credited with being the beauty barometer of  our times, where the standard of beauty has evolved thru the decades from showcasing the elite in modelling to now, sports and acting. Another evolution witnessed is the acceptance of bare faced celebrities, free from digital manipulation and photo-shopping to illustrate the beauty from within theory. Come 2017, we see the newly re-launch of The Cal™, Pirelli Calendar with it’s refreshing take on what defines beauty.

In the eighties, we famously had the supermodels and amazons, the nineties, brought us the new waif and grunge. In the noughties, with the new wave, to now,  new modern romantics. Beauties that is ageless and without colour bounds./ Enlisted to capture the essence of these women is the iconic Peter Lindbergh, who has a fabled way of story telling thru imagery. Witness…



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