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The LD on Beauty / Lets talk about it: Dior Snow Collection launch



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Photography by Calvin Wang
HMU Regina Gao for LAB Gallerie

模特儿穿着 // Angela wears on the skin
Dior Snow Pore-refining Cloud Creme by Dior [50ml] $170
Dior Snow fresh CC Creme by Dior [30ml] $95,
Dior Snow Blush ‘n’ bloom palette by Dior [100ml] $85
[Launched April 2017]

Women in Asia want their beauty to shine forth naturally with effortless perfection. They seek the benefits of the latest technologies and desire natural ingredient that respect and stay kind to her skin for the most desirable bright beauty. Drawing on years of research into the specifics of Asia skin, Dior science has developed an innovative new formulatory technology: Diorsnow Microcaps Biotechnology. By micro-encapsulating powerful active ingredients, it preserves their efficacy until they are released on opplication, while fully respecting the skin’s needs.

A bright Essence-Lotion brings out the skin’s natural light, in the form of a pore ­refining cloud cream offers targeted mattifying powers and a Fresh CC Cream reaches new sensorial heights with a truly ligh weight, second-skin finish. The collection is avail at all great department stores near you, for Australian residents. Visit David Jones and Myers beauty counters.


Visit http://www.dior.com/beauty/en_us/fragrance-beauty/skincare/the-collections/diorsnow/fr-diorsnow-diorsnow.html

LAB A4 Magazine / Sense & Sensibility P3 聞性與感性 / 2017


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