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Visual diaries | Robby Ingham Paddington

A late night stroll after shooting, we pass the windows of robbyingham.com to discover a fantastic new initiative between fashion’s tastemaker RI x local artists. We later catchup to find out more about this collaboration orchestrated by Belle Flaneur (Natalie Coulter) for Robby Ingham stores. “Belle Flaneur has always promoted emerging artists, so this exhibition is next layer to a bigger collaborative picture” reveals Natalie…“with more artists to come!" 

The work is carefully stacked on shelves, in jewellery cases & is exhibited over 2 floors of the retail space, incorporating collage, drawing, lithographs, ceremaics & paintings providing a refreshing take on visual merchandising and installations. Discover the works of artist on showcase, Madi Luschwitz weaving between the organically curated install and sitting at ease amoungst luxury designer pieces. All props from Reverse GarbageLAB A4

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