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Works of / Caten sound Installation by David Letellier


Caten is a kinetic sound installation by French born artist, David Letellier, created for the Saint Sauveur chapel in Caen, France. As a sound artist with a background in architecture, his broad range of abilities merge to create this uniquely holistic work. The installation is composed of 300 fine wires which straddle two lengths of rope on either end. The ropes are attached to a rotating arm at each corner. The rotation is propelled solely by gravitational pull, leading the wires into a slow choreography of sliding, rising and falling.

At the completion of each rotation, the arms send a signal to an analog polyphonic synthesizer; each arm triggers a different note to resonate into the space. The swelling movement of the wires in tandem with these four overlapping notes, amplifies the haunting solemnity of this space. There is such a clear dialogue between the work and the site. The static mass of the vaulted ceiling is made all the more apparent by this lightly treading string installation and the accompanying textural soundscape. Lo fi but not lacking in sophistication, it’s an impressive convergence of sound, space, sculpture and movement. Sourced courtesy of Yellowtrace.com.au

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