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Works of / Nomad_Porcelain sculptures by Zemer Peled


Israeli born artist Zemer Peled produces large-scale porcelain sculptures that are densely textured. Using thousands of handcrafted porcelain shards, The works change depending on one’s stance, either the pieces reflect the natural world, imitating swirling wind patterns or rolling planes of grass.

A solo exhibition of Peled’s work, “Nomad,” is currently on display at Mark Moore Gallery in Los Angeles through October 29

“The forms are never static; the visual dance of sharp ceramic parts conveys a sense of constant movement,” explains Mark Moore Gallery. “Like a murmuration of starlings, the sculptures appear to shift shapes as you move around them, an identity becoming and unbecoming in front of you.”

zemerpeled_07 zemerpeled_04 zemerpeled_01 zemerpeled_10 zemerpeled_02



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