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Works of / Translated Vase by Yeesook Yung


Korean artist #Yeesookyung masterfully produces imperfect sculptures, using the Japanese technique of kintsugi to produce these elegant works composed from mismatched porcelain. The series, titled “Translated Vase,” was first inspired by the Korean artisan tradition of destroying porcelain works that are not deemed pristine, Young then traces each crevice in 24-karat gold leaf in a way that heightens the beauty of the distress. Blending contemporary process with Japanese tradition. Images cc/#LockGallery

Yeesookyung_10Yeesookyung_05Yeesookyung_08  Yeesookyung_01 Yeesookyung_11 Yeesookyung_02 Yeesookyung_03Yeesookyung_06 Yeesookyung_09

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