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Works of / Uncertain Journey by Chiharu Shiota


For her latest installation artist Chiharu Shiota, has constructed a twisted network of tangled red yarn that rises from a collection of skeletal boats at Blain|Southern in Berlin. Titled Uncertain Journey, the artwork evokes of vein-like appearance which envelopes the viewer by creating a blood-red canopy. Where the viewer can immerse themselves by viewing the installation pieces from multiple angles when walking thru. The piece is a continuation of Shiota’s work with yarn. Uncertain Journey will be on view starting September 17 through November 12, 2016.

chiharu-shiota-uncertain-journey-2016-installation-view-courtesy-the-artist-and-blainsouthern-photo-christian-glaeser chiharu-shiota-uncertain-journey-2016-installation-view-courtesy-the-artist-and-blainsouthern-photo-christian-glaeser-2 chiharu-shiota-uncertain-journey-2016-installation-view-courtesy-the-artist-and-blainsouthern-photo-christian-glaeser-4 chiharu-shiota-uncertain-journey-2016-installation-view-courtesy-the-artist-and-blainsouthern-photo-christian-glaeser-3

All photos by Christian Glaeser.


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